Sunday, March 05, 2006

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we will keep you up to date on the plans for our 55 year reunion which will be held on Sept. 5th and 6th, 2007 in the Twin Cities area.

These are the classmates who have indicated they hope to attend:

Carl Anderson, Margie Archie Bradley, Marilyn Bergerson Zaic,
Richard Bernard, Barbara Borgeson Westurn, Marylin Brown Dasseos,
Clifford Carlson, Kay Carlson Wilske, Kay Connors Nevanen,
Caroline Dahl Andrican, Marlene Debelak Simonson, George Deretich,
Jane Doyle Scott, Kay Driscoll Evans, Peggy Driscoll Jones,
Bette Eck Sandelin, Gordon Erickson, Jane Gandsey Degnan
John Gannon, Bob Gorence, Delores Gustafson Slotness,
John Gustafson, Ray Heino, Nancy Higginbotham Murphy,
Charlotte Hultstrand Pocrnich, Mike Hyduke, Ben Imbertson,
Frank Infelise, Norman Johnson, Clifford Jones,
Mike Karl, Donna Laurienzo Rano, Shirley Keen Lydell,
Dale Kendall, George Kiminki , Lauri Koskinen ,
Arlyn Lake Brock, Shirley Lind Schubbe, Keith MacCormick,
Cary MacMiller, Ronald Maki, Rudy Maki,
Bill Manney, Joyce Mattson Stearns, Marilyn McHale Beckman,
Ardella Moe Erickson, Marilyn Moffat Terzich, Mary Nelson Berquist,
Roy Nelson, Betty Nigra Mattson, Ione O’Donovan Pearson,
Joan Pechonic Nettell, George Perpich, Bill Pietila,
Norma Pitzel Brey, Joanne Polcher Macki, Pat Popovich Fields,
Dorothy Quiel Thompson, Dick Rano, Pat Rooney Pocrnich,
Jim Sanborn, Mary Schemmel Elder, Russell Scholtec,
Jim Scott, Al Sikich, Betty Spanner Woods,
Dick Stoner, Frieda Taylor Lindberg, Dick Thellin,
Gwen Thompson Jordon, Ardes Wesley May, Eleanor Williams Suttle,
Carol Ylatupa Weik, Gene Zelinski

We are very happy with our responses so far and hope to hear from even more. We do regret that some of our classmates will not be able to attend due to health problems.

We plan to print a revised and expanded edition of our previous reunion booklets and we invite you to send us a bit about yourself . . . anything you’d like to share . . . 300 words max. We’ve all taken different paths since ‘51 and many of us are wondering what everyone has been doing. You could mail or email this to us.

We’re still doing some jobs for Mike, so by May we will know how much we can discount the reunion cost for those of you who send us your reservation by July 1. The costs will be higher after that, and you will hear from us again in early May with all of those details.

Many have said they plan to stay at our headquarters hotel. We would encourage you to make your reservations soon since they can always be cancelled if the need arises.

Our plans for interesting events continues; here are the basic plans:
Tues., Sept. 5
1:30 - 5:00 p.m. : Registration and picnic at Kordiak County Park in Columbia Heights
7:00 - ? : Hospitality Suite at the hotel will be open
Wed., Sept. 6
12:00 noon : 1 1/2 hour narrated boat tour of downtown Minneapolis,
leaving from Boom Island Park
6:00 : Dinner and program at the hotel, followed by Hospitality Suite open

We have heard a few suggestions for Thurs., Sept. 7:
Golf . . . Mall of America . . . Ride the new light rail

Let us know if you are interested in doing something that day and maybe you have some other ideas as well.

Our entire reunion committee wishes you good health and happy days in 2006!